December 2020, Dow Chemical Company renews Sequoia support contract with Semantic Designs for 6th year! Sequoia, an automated analysis tool derived from DMS, is used to reverse engineer Dow's legacy factory controller software to a Chemical Process Model. The model has been used by Dow to modernize several hundred controller systems around the world.

November 2020, Semantic Designs releases COBOL metrics tool. 3.0. The release includes several new features including improved performance on large scale code bases in excess of 4 million lines of code. McCabe and Halstead complexity measures are collected per file, per compilation unit and per system. The Metrics tool works on most COBOL dialects including IBM Enterprise 6.3, MicroFocus, Unisys, Fujitsu and .NET COBOL dialects.

October 2020, SD Cobol Migration achieves 100% automated conversion to C# with embedded SQL in 2 separate migration projects.

July 2020, Semantic Designs enhances support for Asian characters sets covered by Unicode Version 13 including China's mandated GB-18030 variant. DMS also supports:

  • UTF8
  • SO-8859-x
  • Microsoft CP encodings

March 2020, Semantic Designs announces DMS automated migration extensions. Semantic Designs offers the industries most flexible translation technology in DMS. Support has been added for:
  • SAS to Python
  • PL1 to Java or C#
  • ColdFusion to Java
  • Natural to Java
  • SQL to DAO objects for Spring

September 2019, Semantic Designs completes pilot SabreTalk Migration to Java for Delta Airlines in less than 3 months with DMS. 100% automated translation of SabreTalk subsystem including code refactoring to meet Java style guidelines for improved maintainability. e.g. Goto elimination, combining SabreTalk modules and many others.

  • SabreTalk to Java
  • 200,000 lines of code
  • 3 months

March 2019, SD announces Verilog & VHDL Obfuscators Reach 10th Anniversary. SD code Obfuscators just work protecting the valuable intellectual property of hundreds of customers around the world. Easy to use SD obfuscators take just minutes to set up.

August 1, 2012, SD announces a special introductory offer for it's industry leading CloneDR clone detection tool. CloneDR is available for a wide range of languages. A license for a 100,000 line code base is only US$500.

In July 2012, SD announced a new sales and marketing emphasis on banking systems using COBOL and Hogan(R) systems. SD has a suite of COBOL tools that offer increased visibility into the structure and connections in a Hogan based system .

In June 2012, SD has officially been awarded a Phase II SBIR by the US Department of Energy for a project we call Refactor++, a tool for efficiently refactoring C++ code. Two hundred nine applications were received, ninety three were awarded. Refactor++ is built on SD's versatile and proven DMS platform. We continue to work with Fermilab to build the tool. As a result of this award, SD is extending it's strong C++ presence to include C++1x. Over time we intend to broaden the scope of the project to include other languages.

In March 2012, SD successfully completed a Jovial to C automated translation project. The SD engine was tuned to a different dialect of both Jovial and C. SD was rated at the highest level in the vendor evaluation that followed the completion of the project.

In July 2011, SD has officially been awarded an SBIR by the US Department of Energy for a project we call Refactor++, a tool for efficiently refactoring C++ code. We are working with Fermilab to gather requirements for the tool.

SD has broadened its line of performance profiling tools to include timing profilers. You have your choice of whether you want to measure the frequency of execution or total elapsed time of execution for a block of code.

In January 2010 Semantic Designs is pleased to announce support for C# 4.0 in its mainstream off-the-shelf software quality and productivity tools.

In January 2010 Semantic Designs released a new version of it's industry leading CloneDR products. We have improved the clone detection algorithms and broadened the number of languages supported off-the-shelf. We offer evaluation copies in a wider variety of languages. These tools are available for immediate purchase from

In December 2009 SD moved strongly into the Enterprise COBOL space with an array of new and existing tools. In addition to our existing interfaces, each of our Enterprise COBOL tools has an RDz interface. These tools are available for immediate purchase. Please contact

In June 2009 Semantic Designs added Seritrig to our roster of partners. Seritrig provides expert software migration services to mid and large-sized Canadian enterprises with legacy system software.

In April 2009 Semantic Designs became an IBM Destination Z partner. We have significantly enhanced our product offerings for Enterprise COBOL and JCL.

Semantic Designs has signed a June 26, 2008 agreement with Renewtek, PTY to make this Australia-based company a distributor for SD products.

On June 7th, 2008, Semantic Designs delivered the first ladder logic metrics tool to NASA Johnson Space Center. This tool will enable NASA to judge the quality of automatically generated code for the next generation space shuttle.

December, 2007: Navy awards SBIR contract to Semantic Designs, working with Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, to develop a malware detection tool.

Semantic Designs wins DARPA awards SBIR D072-101-0415 to design mulitcore compilers for heterogenous architectures.

Semantic Designs was pleased to participate in the live-fire demonstration of Boeing UAVs utiltizing DARPA-funded software. SD's DMS technology was used to migrate legacy Boeing mission C++ software components to a new real-time platform used in the UAVs.
See Boeing's News Release about the event.

Press Releases


33rd International Conference on Software Engineering
Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii
May 21-28, 2011

SD is exhibiting at the conference. Drop by and see us.

15th European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering

Dr. Baxter has been invited to be on the Program Committee.

RISS 2010 Reuse Summer School
Recife, Brazil
November 20-24, 2010

Dr. Baxter has been invited to be a lecturer at the 3rd RiSE Summer School on Software Reuse, focusing on generative software reuse.

Seattle, WA
March 14-18, 2010

SD has been invited to give a joint presentation with IBM on our Enterprise tools for large scale software quality and refactoring.

Super Computing '09
Portland, OR
November 14-20, 2009

Dr. Baxter will be presenting Tuesday, 10:30 am, Room E147-148. His talk is entitled "Vector C++ : C++ and Vector Code Generation by Transformation".
We are exhibiting in Booth 159.

Seattle, WA
August 23-28, 2009

SD gave a talk entitled "Teaching Old COBOL Dogs New Tricks"

Super Computing '08
Austin, Tx
November 15-21, 2008

We are exhibiting in Booth 3006.

Systems & Software Technology Conference '08
Austin, Tx
29 April-2 May, 2008

Dr. Ira Baxter is an invited panelist.

Third International Workshop on Code Based Software Security Assessments (CoBaSSa 2007)
October 31, 2007

Dr. Baxter, CEO of Semantic Designs, will present a workshop on "Searching for Malware".


14th Conference on Reverse Engineering
October 28-31, 2007

Dr. Baxter, CEO of Semantic Designs, will give a keynote address on "Reengineering Tools, A Perspective from the Trenches".

Systems & Software Technology Conference '06
Austin, Tx
1-4 May, 2006, Salt Lake City, UT

Architecture Driven Modernization Workshop
Alexandria, VA
October 24 - 27, 2005

Dr. Baxter, CEO of Semantic Designs, will;
1) co-lead a tutorial - "Automated Program and Model Transformation Technology".
2) be a presenter at the "Architecture-Driven Modernization PTF Roadmap" session.
3) present a case study on "Automated Rearchitecting of Avionics Mission Software".

2005 42nd Design Automation Conference
Anaheim, CA
June 13 - 16, 2005

We are featuring our industry standard solutions for VHDL and Verilog in Booth 501.

Systems & Software Technology Conference
Salt Lake City, UT
April 18 - 21, 2005

Dr. Baxter, CEO of Semantic Designs, will make a presentation on "Automated Restructuring of Component-based Software". While you are there, stop by exhibits booth and see our reengineering tools!

Government Technology Conference Southwest 2005
Austin, Texas
February 2-3, 2005

On Wednesday, Feb 2nd from 1:30-3:00pm Ira Baxter, CEO, will talk about cost-effective Legacy Software Migrations. We'd be pleased to discuss massive software modernization or migration tasks. We also have tools to help test test and optimize software systems. Free passes available.

International Association of Software Architects
Austin, Texas
January 18, 2005

Dr. Baxter of Semantic Designs will make a presentation on "Automated Architectural Reengineering of C++ Components". This talk will describe how massive change to the architecture of a C++ component based system was carried out for Boeing, using automated software reengineering tools.

Third International Conference on Generative Programming and Component Engineering
(co-located with OOPSLA 2004 and ISMM 2004)
Vancouver, BC
October 24-28, 2004

Semantic Designs will give a tutorial on Transformation Systems on October 24. It will also demonstrate an automated tool based on DMS for transforming C++ code comprising components in a distributed systems architecture, into another component architecture.

Better Software Conference amd Expo
San Jose, CA
September 29-30, 2004

See our tools in our Booth at the Expo!

2nd IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods SEFM'04)
Beijing, China
September 26-30, 2004

Dr. Hongjun Zheng will give its tutorial on Transformation Systems for the first time in the Far East, at two major Universities in China.

International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM'04)
Chicago, IL
September 11-17, 2004

Semantic Designs will give its tutorial on Transformation Systems. In addition, C++ program transformation tools will be shown.

The Texas Symposium on Software Engineering
Austin, TX
August 27-28, 2004

Semantic Designs is giving a tutorial on Transformation System technology, as well as sponsoring TSSE.

2004 Symposium on Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation
Verona, Italy
August 2004

Dr. Larry Akers will give an invited presentation on practical applications of automated restructuring tools. The underlying technology of DMS will be sketched, and how that technology is applied to real C++ applications wlll be shown.

2004 41st Design Automation Conference
San Diego, CA
June 7 - 11, 2004

We are introducing our IP obfuscation and embedded system testing tools to the EDA world in Booth 1430.

Orlando, Florida
May 17-21, 2004

See our testing and profiling tools for C, COBOL, Java, C# and C++ in Booth 40

International Conference of Software Engineering
Edinburgh, Scotland
May 2004

A technical paper describing DMS facilities has been accepted. This paper details the components that comprise DMS and how they scalably interoperate to support automated software analysis and changes.

Systems & Software Technology Conference
Salt Lake City, UT
April 19 - 22, 2004

Come see our reengineering tools in booth 823

Austin Software Process
Improvement Network meeting
Austin, Texas
March 11, 2004

SD will present a public lecture on massive system restructuring. Dr. Ira D. Baxter will show how tools can be used to reliably and effectively automate changes to large numbers of pre-existing C++ source code components.

Government Technology Conference 2004
Austin, Texas
January 28-30, 2004

Come see us at GTC in booth 126. We'd be pleased to discuss massive software reengineering or migration tasks. We also have tools to help test and optimize software systems. Free passes available.

International Conference on
Software Testing, Analysis & Review
Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, California
October 29-30, 2003

Semantic Designs will be exhibiting at STARWest2003. Come talk to us about off the shelf and custom testing and quality enhancement tools. Dr. Ira D. Baxter will give a talk showing how such tools work, and how they can be customized for arbitrary tasks.

13th International Conference on Software Quality
Renaissance Dallas-Richardson Hotel
Richardson, Texas
October 7-8, 2003

Come see us as ICSQ13 and talk about how tools can support software quality. Dr. Ira D. Baxter will give a talk on DMS, automated tools for measuring and enhancing software quality.

State of Texas
Department of Information Resources
Technology Today lecture Series
September 5, 2003
J. J. Pickle Research Center, Austin, Texas

SD will present Automated Software Tools for Reengineering and Migration of Legacy Systems, a half-day class for Texas State IT technology workers and management. This class will cover the basic technology behind tools that can automatically carry out customized analyses and changes to large software systems, including migration from one host language/environment combination to others, and present examples of how such tools can be used.

Department of Computer and Information Sciences
August 8-12, 2003

The UAB Computer Science department has scheduled Dr. Ira D. Baxter to present a full-week tutorial on using the DMS Software Reengineering Toolkit to the entire software engineering graduate student body. Dr. Baxter will also give a talk to the Department on "Automated Tools for Software Reengineering".

Association of Information Technology Professionals
June 11, 2003, 11 am registration
MCC Auditorium, Austin, Texas

The Association of Information Technology Professionals provides superior leadership and education in Information Technology for career minded individuals who seek to expand their potential. Dr. Ira D. Baxter will make a presentation on technology to automate the analysis, enhancement, or reengineering of large software systems. The talk will sketch the technology and examine several industrial examples, including massive reduction of large Java system sources and migration of a large realtime avionics system. A Source Code Obfuscator tool will be given away as a door prize.

EE Design Verilog Obfuscator writeup

EEDesign is CMP Media's comprehensive source of information for electronic design tools and methodologies. EEDesign decided that our line of obufscators for EDA languages was interesting, and published a nice overview of it.

Software Technology Conference
April 28-May 1, 2003
Salt Lake City

See how SD's automated tools can be applied to defense industry software and legacy systems at our exhibit booth #736. We will be demonstrating our JOVIAL-to-C translator as an example of legacy conversion capability, as well as test coverage and profiling tools configurable for arbitrary languages. Dr. Baxter will speak on Automated Software Reengineering tools on Wednesday, April 30 in the Exhibit Track.

2003 HP e3000 Solutions Symposium
East: March 26-29, Valley Forge, PA
West: April 23-26, San Jose, CA

The Solution Symposium offers a multi-track training program for planning and implementing an HP e3000 migration. Dr. Ira D. Baxter will make a presentation on "Automated Tools for Migration", which will describe how highly accurate conversion tools work, and provide statistics from past ports of very large software systems. This will give the attendees some basic background for comparing migration methods and tools,

GHRUG (HP) User Conference 2002
November 7, 2002
Houston, Texas

GHRUG 2002 is Greater Houston Regional User's Group meeting, focused on Hewlett Packard computer system users and their needs. Dr. Ira D. Baxter will make a presentation on "Automated Tools for Porting Software". If you have an HP3000, this should be especially interesting.

Quality Week 2002
September 3-6, 2002
San Francisco, California

QW 2002 is the 20th in the continuing international series of Software Quality Week Conferences that focus on advances in software test, quality and reliabiity technology, tools and processes. Dr. Ira D. Baxter will make a presentation on How to build Branch Test Coverage tools for Arbitrary Programming Languages. (Paper 8T1). He will also make a presentation DMS: Software Quality Enhancement via Automated Software Analysis, Modification and Generation (Session 3V2) describing automated tools. We will be pleased to demonstrate these tools at our exhibitors' booth.

International Conference on Software Maintenance
October 3-6, 2002
Montreal, Canada

This is the premier conference dedicated to research for defining and evaluating new methods of software maintenance. Semantic Designs is pleased to be a sponsor of ICSM'2002. Dr. Ira D. Baxter is co-Program chair for this conference, and will be giving the Keynote talk on Parallel Support for Symbolic Analysis and Modification for the related workshop on Source Code Analysis and Modification. In addition, Dr. Michael Mehlich will be presenting Semantic Designs' popular tutorial on Automated Transformation Systems for Software Maintenance, Reengineering and Porting.

International Summer School on Generative Programming
June 4-7, 2002
Tampere, Finland

Along with a number of other international experts on code generation technologies, Dr. Ira D. Baxter will present a number of sessions on
Program Transformation Systems for Software Maintenance and Reengineering. Learn about program transformation technology and how it can help with software analysis and reengineering of large scale software systems.

Software Technology Conference
April 29-May 2, 2002
Salt Lake City

See how SD's automated tools can be applied to defense industry software and legacy systems at our exhibit booth #835. We will be demonstrating our JOVIAL-to-C translator as an example of legacy conversion capability, and test coverage tools configurable for arbitrary languages. Dr. Christopher Pidgeon will speak on Automated Tools for Legacy System Analysis, Enhancement and Translation

International Conference on Software Reuse
April 15-19, 2002
Austin, Texas

Come to the premier conference on Software Reuse to learn advanced methods and how reuse applies to automating the construction and enhancement of software in our half-day tutorial on "Transformation Systems: Generative Reuse for Software Generation, Maintenance, and Reengineering". We will be also be giving demonstrations of DMS.

At COBOL Expo, see demonstrations of our COBOL tools for

  • analyzing/navigating code
  • finding and removing redundant code
  • and new tools to be announced at the Expo.

Dr. Michael Mehlich will give the talk, Tools for Automating Massive Source Changes

For more information:    Follow us at Twitter: @SemanticDesigns