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Job Description: Software Engineer

Software Engineers are needed to help enhance DMS, a programming environment supporting a new software development paradigm.

Semantic Designs is continuing its development of 21st Century software engineering tools to generate and maintain application programs using specifications and transformation-based synthesis. A sophisticated team has already been assembled to carry out this task.

Additional team members are needed to help define, design and construct enhancements to this software engineering environment. Depending on system needs, skills and interests, s/he may:

  • Implement parsing tools and syntax tree builders for attribute grammars;
  • Define and implement semantics-based specification schemes;
  • Design and implement optimizing-compiler like synthesis engines;
  • Design and implement GUI definition languages and GUI for tools;
  • Build Client/Server intefaces between the DMS core and a DMS user
  • Define problem domains and their semantics, including database, graphics, parallel processing
  • Design and implement analyzers for pointer-based languages;
  • Work on reverse engineering tools to abstract code to components;
  • Apply the tools to significant test cases
  • Build APIs and interfaces to other applications
  • Define test infrastucture and tests for DMS

Candidates must have a Masters or Ph.D. in Computer Science. A strong grasp of programming languages and compilers is essential. Experience with parallel programming, optimizing compilers, transformation engines or various formal specification techniques such as algebraic or denotational semantics are a definite plus. Experience in R&D projects producing large, robust systems is a plus. Applicants must be independent thinkers and strongly self-motivated, but must work in a team to achieve the final vision. Team members are individually responsible for large subsystems.

In addition to competitive salaries commensurate with experience, employees will be offered a comprehensive benefits package. Semantic Designs is located in beautiful Austin, Texas.

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