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DMS-Related Technical Articles

Baxter, Ira. Supporting Forward and Reverse Engineering and Multiple Types of Models. 2017. PDF format
ACM/IEEE 20th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems.
Discusses how code transformation and data-flow patterns can characterize forward and reverse engineering knowledge.

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Building Business Capability Conference.
Provides vision that unifies many different types of business rules, and how to automatically extract them using advanced software engineering source code analysis. Discusses spectacular example of extracting business rules (chemical processes) from Dow Chemical's factory control computers.

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Proposes an approach for finding all variable declarations resulting from using all combinations of pre-processor switches.

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Describes how to use program transformations to installs test coverage probes into source code.

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Useful reference of technical papers applicable to system transformation.

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Mentions Semantic Designs' rising position in the field of application modernization tools.

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A description of a graphical software-engineering diagramming tool built based on DMS.

Neighbors, J. The Draco Approach to Constructing Software from Reusable Components, Proceedings 1983 Workshop on Reusability in Programming, September 1983. PDF format
If you want an education on the core of software engineering, read this paper! Basis for the "domain" structure of DMS. The source of the ideas for "domain specific languages" and their construction by "domain analysis" and "domain engineering".

Kant, E. Automating the Design of Scientific Software PDF Format
Influential on DMS's notion of design choices driving data-flow pattern matching.

Rich, C and Waters, R.The Programmer's Apprentice Project PDF Format
Inspiration for DMS's data flow pattern matching capability.

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