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Company Background

Since 1995, Semantic Designs, Inc., a privately- held corporation headquartered in Austin, Texas, has provided world-class analysis, enhancement and transformation of large and complex software systems to Enterprises, Integrators and Government organizations. Solutions also include Tools, Bundles and Suites, Services for Enterprises and ISVís, and System Integrator partnering for dozens of languages, databases and schema.

SDís Commercially available products increase quality and productivity through formatting, test coverage, execution profiling, metrics, and source browsing. Obfuscation solutions for over 20 languages increase the security of intellectual property by scrambling source files while allowing applications to run normally. Services enable code remediation and enhancements for Enterprise-class businesses and cost-effective system development for ISVís. Partnering with select System Integrators helps deliver exceptional results for large and/or legacy systems using proven DMS© technology.

Typical deployment environments are; organizations with complex, in-house software systems, web site operations, electronic design automation, applications security/testing/QA, and legacy application migrations. Customers include Northrop Grumman, Boeing, IBM/Tivoli, ANZ Bank, Nomura Securities, ARM, Synplicity, Rockwell Collins, Black Rock Studios, and the U.S. Navy.

We supply a large stable of tools, for a wide range of languages, designed to save your clients money by making their software codebase more efficient, maintainable, and approachable. We believe that a major factor of our future growth will be due to alignment with the proper partners. We can offer exclusives based on industry, territory, application, and specific customer.

We are willing and able to make custom modifications to our tools or produce custom tools based on our DMS platform.

Types of Partners We Seek

System Integrators

You have clients or seek contracts that require deep software code analysis or migration. You provide excellent customer support services, but you need a technology provider to do the heavy lifting behind the scenes.


You have an active customer base that will benefit from our array of software analysis and tranformation tools. We offer attractive volume discounts.


You have a tool bag with software tools that you use to help you understand your clients' code. You have other tools to help them improve many aspects of their codebase: performance, maintainability, and quality among others. Add our tools to your toolbag to enhance your practice. Use our tools as part of your practice. Sell our tools to your clients.

Contact our sales department for more information.

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Partnering with SD