Programmer's Productivity Tools

Semantic Designs offers off-the-shelf software development support tools for a wide variety of programming languages. These tools include code formatter/prettyprinter/beautifiers, code obfuscators, source code comparison tools, hyperlinked cross-references, and testing tools (branch coverage, profiling).

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Enterprise Level Productivity Tools

The DMS® Software Reengineering Toolkit

This is a set of tools for carrying out custom re-engineering of medium and large scale software systems (documentation extraction, analysis, porting, translation, modification, interface changes, or other massive regular change) and/or domain-specific program generation.

Because DMS is language independent, it can be used with hardware design languages, and because it can handle several languages simultaneously (e.g, Verilog and C), it can be used for hardware/software codesign.

PARLANSE™ (A PARallel LANguage for Symbolic Expression)

A parallel programming language for Symmetric Multiprocessing 80x86s running under Windows 2003 / XP (or later) or LINUX.

File Inventory

This tool classifies all files on a development system according to its file type ("domain"), whether it is binary or text, whether it is a duplicate, and the types of intellectual property rights claimed. This is useful for assessing the state of a large, complex code base.

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