Tandem HP NonStop COBOL Migration

Semantic Designs can provide your organization with highly accurate automated conversion of legacy HP NonStop COBOL applications running on Tandem Mainframes to a C# .NET or Java platform runing on a server or in a cloud environment. Our HP NonStop COBOL translator is built on Semantic Designs' advanced configurable compiler technology The DMS™ Software Reengineering Toolkit

With DMS, we are able to translate legacy programming technologies at a fraction of the cost and time of alternative approaches. For example, in our first HP Nonstop COBOL migration we were able to achieve 99% automated code conversion in just 60 days on 2+ million lines of COBOL and SCOBOL code. The translator replaced the HP NonStop Enscribe database access with SQL, while also performing a number of code refactorings for improved code maintainablity.

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HP NonStop COBOL Translation Highlights:


  • Freedom to choose target technologies
  • Can customize translation to handle non-standard client code idioms
  • No third party dependencies
  • Translate multiple & mixed languages

Code Quality

  • Extensive testing of translator to validate correct code translation
  • Translation of COBOL names to Java or C# naming conventions
  • Translations based on in-depth code analysis
  • Smart heuristics for code refactoring
  • Removal of dead and redundant code
  • Extraction of COPYLIBS as Classes

Efficiency with 99+% Automation

  • Shorter project timeframes for lower cost & risk
  • No code freeze until cut over
  • Translate multiple & mixed languages

Converts NonStop COBOL and SCOBOL

  • Enscribe indexed files converted to relational database access according to DDL
  • Option to migrate Enscribe database content to target system
  • SCOBOL screens converted to client-side HTML/JavaScript and server-side C# or Java


  • Project team of Ph.D. Computer Scientists
  • 25 year proven track record
  • Decades of continuing investment in DMS