Thumbs up to Test Coverage tool

"LSI has integrated Semantic Designs' Test Coverage tool into its special firmware build to measure effectiveness of its internal testing. Fantastic support from Sematic Designs and the simplicity of the tool ensured we were able to integrate the tool in our process in just couple of days. Great thing about this tool is, IT JUST WORKS as expected and as advertised. We are already seeing measurable benefits of using the tool. Today, we have quantifiable data to assess our testing methodologies and track the improvements."

Abhijeet Aphale
Lead Engineer
LSI Corporation

CloneDR saves $50,000 / year for Java shop

Using SD's CloneDR, Salion, Inc eliminates redundant code, improves quality, and saves big money.

Automated Transformation Success Story

Fully automated JOVIAL to C transformation of the B-2 Spirit Bomber Flight Program.

Highly Automated Conversion of Realtime UAV Flight Avionics

Using DMS, SD produced a highly automated conversion tool that converted legacy Boeing Bold Stroke components into CORBA/RT compatible components, replacing legacy OS calls with equivalent CORBA/RT calls, and automatically rearchitecting the components to provide CORBA compliant interface facades. The goal was to increase the internal bandwidth in order to accommodate realtime video. The rearchitected and upgraded software was installed in a Boeing UAV and participated in a live fire demonstration.

Return on Investment Calculators

Clone Removal

What can clone detection and removal save you? Click here to see!

Articles Supporting Tools Purchases

Butler Group. Application Modernization Technology Audit of Semantic Designs June 2003. Web Report.
The Butler Group's review of DMS's capabilities.

Good, Declan - Technology Research Club Legacy Transformation Aug. 2002 PDF format
Makes the point that automated tools and techniques no make legacy transformations technically and economically feasible. Mentions Semantic Designs.

Krueger, Charles W., Churchet, Dale. Eliciting Abstractions from a Software Product Line PDF format
Presents benefits of managing abstractions in code- identifies SD's CloneDoctor as a tool that helps identify abstractions.

Spinellis, Diomidis. The Tools At Hand Jan-Feb 2005. Online column.
Compares how various industries invest in tools- makes the point that computing is under financed.

Burd, Elizabeth, Bailey, John. Evaluating Clone Detection Tools For User During Maintenance
This paper was presented at the Second IEEE International Workshop on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation (SCAM'02) and can be
purchased from IEEE
Compares results of four tools: CCFinder, CloneDr, Covet, JPlag, Moss. Quote: "CloneDr was the only tool who provided perfect precision, thereby identifying no false positive matches, and therefore not resulting in the incurring of wasted maintenance effort."

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