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Semantic Designs adds SystemC and System Verilog to Thicket™ Source Code Obfuscator family

For immediate release in conjunction with the Design Automation Conference: June 13, 2005

"On Must See List for the DAC Show,” says Industry analyst John Cooley of

AUSTIN, Texas and Anaheim, California—Semantic Designs, Inc., makers of Thicket™ the platform leader in Software Source Code scrambling, today announced SystemC and System Verilog availability - two leading-edge design languages for protecting Intellectual Property in the semiconductor and systems industries. Demonstrations can be viewed at the company’s trade show booth #501 at the Design Automation Conference this week in Anaheim, California - one the Semiconductor Industry’s largest venues."

Obfuscation scrambles source code files and renames variables in novel and madly confusing ways without altering the functionality of the file. But not all forms of obfuscation are equally effective. Thicket™ formats files, substitutes nonsense names, strips comments, and removes most source code structure for popular computing and web-based languages.

"Every day, developing and delivering customer solutions that enhance Intellectual Property, or IP is utmost in the minds of hardware and software system designers and their executives. However, delivered IP can be jeopardized if one is not able to properly shield that investment from unscrupulous eyes.," declared Ira D. Baxter CEO/CTO of Semantic Designs, Inc. "Our company provides excellent solutions for this business challenge with the most extensive lineup of computer languages and dialects, including Verilog, VHDL, C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript (ECMA), PHP and now SystemC and System Verilog."

Unlike other techniques, Thicket solutions ensure that both the original and obfuscated syntax structures are semantically identical, and will not alter any synthesis, compilation or execution procedure environments. A customer’s engineers have complete control of names that must be preserved, such as to Public API’s for maximum protection, only chosen variables and files are preserved. Thicket solutions come preconfigured with reserved name lists for typical design libraries, such as SystemC. Lastly, multiple Thicket language solutions can be combined to protect a complete hardware and software system design.

Thicket is equally effective from either a command line or Graphical User Interface, and works on Windows as well as WINE emulation for Linux. Annual Client pricing includes the latest library reserved name lists exceptions and starts at only $1,300 each, for the design languages. Bundles for the four design languages are available for a limited time at a discount. Thicket is also actively under OEM consideration by several vendors who want to provide On-The-Fly IP protection for the work their customers produce.

About Semantic Designs
Since 1996 this privately-held Austin, Texas Company has provided world/class analysis, enhancement and transformation of business-critical software systems. Solutions include Tools, Services and Partnering in dozens of languages, databases and schema. Sources include Verilog, VHDL, SystemC, System Verilog, Java, C#, C/C++, COBOL, Ada, PHP, JavaScript(ECMA), VBScript, XML, SQL, PL/SQL, and others. Tools, Bundles and Suites benefit productivity in obfuscation, formatting, test coverage, execution profiling, metrics, and source browsing. Services and Partners enable cost-effective enhancements for Enterprise and ISV’s. Vertical industries and concentrations include, Web Site operations, Electronic Design Automation, Applications Security/Testing/QA and Legacy Migrations. Customers include Northrop Grumman, Boeing, IBM/Tivoli, LSI Logic, ARM, Synplicity, and Rockwell Collins. Partners include Oracle, HP and Microsoft.

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Semantic Designs adds SystemC and System Verilog to Thicket™ Source Code Obfuscator family