Customer Success Stories

Semantic Designs automated conversion of Boeing's Boldstroke avionics software enables Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to manage video without swamping critical systems, by restructuring the application into a CORBA compatible form using Quality-of-service controls.

SD's CloneDR promotes big savings at Salion by enabling the discovery and refactoring of duplicate code.

Automated conversion of JOVIAL to C (JOVIAL2C Translator) cost-effectively extends mission life of critical B-2 flight software.

Australia-New Zealand Bank is able to understand their COBOL-based Hogan core banking software more effectily using custom, precise code architecture analysis tools from SD.

Dow Chemical is migrating ~1000 legacy process-control systems for Dow factories using tools from Semantic Designs. These tools automatically extract process control models from low-level MOD5 Dowtran process control programs, enabling Dow to easily forward engineer equivalent applications on modern industrial controllers. This approach preserves Dow's hard-won chemical process "business rules", ensuring that the modernized factories run reliably and safely. The reverse-engineering process relies on SD's unique pattern matching technology that can find many code idioms realizing business rules, scattered across the application.

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Success Stories