Application Engineer

Job Description: Application Engineer

Software ("Application") Engineers are needed to apply DMS to tool-driven. large scale software generation and maintenance tasks.

The Application Engineer's (AE) task is to carry out a customer-designated change to a software system, using the DMS or a DMS-derived tool to implement most of the work. Unlike conventional "maintenance" tasks, the AE usually does not edit/compile conventional source files. Rather, he determines details of how the source will be changed and directs DMS to do this. Example tasks include: re-engineering, business-rule extraction, dialect-change, porting, database conversion, and domain-specific program specification.

If you are looking for a challenging software engineering position using 21st Century tools, this is it!

Depending on application needs, skills and interests, s/he may:

  • Specify changes in a problem domain syntax (Finite State Machines, UML, Factory Automation, ...)
  • Apply changes by tool invocation to a large system
  • Restructure an application system
  • Port software from one language/environoment to another
  • Reverse engineer a system to extract design information or reusable components
  • Generate software from a specification
  • Integrate DMS tools with customer development environments and processes

Candidates must have a degree in an engineering discipline, a strong grasp of programming languages, and a willingness to learn. Some understanding of compiler internals is essential. Experience with transformation engines is a definite plus. Applicants must be independent thinkers and strongly self-motivated, but must work in a team to achieve the final vision.

In addition to competitive salaries commensurate with experience, employees will be offered a comprehensive benefits package. Semantic Designs is located in beautiful Austin, Texas.

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