Python CloneDR

The Python CloneDR identifies and displays code segments within a system that are identical or nearly identical (clones), supporting the consolidation of clones to reduce the size and increase the clarity and reliability of the source code. It is a member of Semantic Designs family of Clone Detection and Removal tools, described more completely here.

Python CloneDR Features

  • Dialects: Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.0, 3.1
  • Not dependent on any particular compiler
  • Works with arbitrary subsets of source code base
  • Can handle thousands of source files
  • Analysis can be parameterized by clone similarity threshold, clone size, maximum number of clone parameters, and other limits
  • Each clone tuple characterized individually by mass, number of instances, number of parameters, similarity ratio, language syntax category, length, and location, with each instance pictured
  • Produces a summary report in HTML including statistics sorted by various attributes and with links to HTML pages describing individual clones. For a sample report of detected clones in a Python package, summary report and this individual clone report.

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Python Clone Doctor