Logix5000 Source Code Metrics

The Logix5000Metrics tool computes a number of useful metrics for Logix5000 program source code suites. It is a member of SD's family of Source Code Metrics tools. An example of the Logix5000Metrics tool results can be seen here.

Logix5000 Metrics Features

  • Repeatable operation across specified set of files
  • Metrics computed at Controller level:
    • Source Lines of Code (SLOC)
    • Noncommented Source Lines of Code
    • Comment Lines
    • Number of Programs, Routines and Rungs
    • Decision Density
    • Cyclomatic Complexity
    • Maximum conditional nesting
    • Halstead measures (length, vocabulary, volume, difficulty, effort and bug prediction)
    • Tag statistics: Definition Count, Aliased Tags, Unique Tag Types
    • Conditions Used
    • Motion Instruction Count
  • Worst-case nesting metrics pinpointed to specific file/line
  • Summaries per System, Controller, Program and Routine
  • Text report
  • XML report, reformattable in any way desired (example)
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Logix5000 Source
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