Libraries available for PARLANSE

Modern programming languages are partly about what they can express better than other languages. But much of what makes a modern language usable are libraries that help programmers accomplish seemingly mundane tasks such as file I/O.

PARLANSE (being a parallel language) is available with parallel-execution and parallel-safe libraries for the following:

  • Algorithms: generic Binary Search and QuickSort
  • Arrays: ArrayLists and various array instances
  • Characters: a wide variety of Unicode character set predicates and operations
  • DecisionDiagrams: Binary Decision Diagrams and extension (from Binary) to Finite (Domain) Decision diagrams
  • Hash/HashTrees: scalable generic hash tables; special support for hashing on strings; special hashing functions FNV and SBox.
  • LinearProgramming: Binary Integer Linear programming solvers
  • Numbers: full-accuracy floating point conversions to/from strings; infinite precision integers and rationals; extremely random numbers with very long periods
  • RegularExpressions: a full regular expression package operating on Unicode with ability to extract matched substrings
  • SQL: ODBC access to SQL databases
  • Streams: I/O to console and files for a wide variety of character encodings, including ASCII, Unicode, and EBCDIC; printf-style string formatting; HTML and XML output stream generation
  • System: CRC, String operations, String Scanning, Bit Vectors, Windows DLL access, Graphics
  • SuffixTrees: for strings and abstract syntax trees
  • TestSupport: Unit testing facilities
  • Utility: Calendar, Environment variable access, Timers

These libraries are more than adequate to enable very large, complex PARLANSE-based applications such as the DMS Software Reengineering Toolkit (several million lines).

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