C++ Style Checker Tool

The C++ Style Checker tool performs a variety of programming style check on C++ software source code bases of arbitrary size. It is a member of Semantic Designs' family of Style Checker tools.

C++ Style Checker Features

  • Dialects: ANSI (ISO14882c1998), GNU GCC 3/4, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. (Inquire about C++0x!)
  • Works with arbitrary subsets of source code base
  • Can handle tens of thousands of files
  • Can style check C++ programs with #includes enabled or disabled
  • Can style check freestanding #include files
  • Supports user choice of style checking rules to be applied
  • Diagnostics described at two levels of detail and annotated with severity
  • Diagnostics include diagnosis of:
    • dead code identification
    • unreferenced data declarations
    • adherence to naming conventions for various types of entities
    • violation of commenting conventions
    • use of C++ constructs that are archaic or result in fragile code
    • a variety of other checks
  • Warnings issued when proposed modifications involve copylibs
  • Produces a text report illustrating the nature and location of errors and suggesting repairs
  • Produces an XML report with the same content, and includes an XSLT script (which you can customize) for transforming to HTML
  • Produces a statistical summary of the diagnostics, collating total diagnostics by rule and by file, and collating each file's diagnostic by rule
  • Style Checker can run on platform separate from target system execution platform

Other C++ dialects, site-specific customizations, and standards such as MISRA can be accommodated.

Semantic Designs also provides other C++ Tools.

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C++ Style Checker